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Prepare For The Next Level With The Yard Dogs

Learn elite in-game skills while playing high-level competition. 

Do You Want To Play At The Highest Level?

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Most Athletes Are 
Not Ready, Lacking:

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On-Field Skill

We often see the most basic skills, fielding, throwing, running, hitting, and pitching, lacking. 



Not getting exposed to elite competition around the country


Baseball IQ

Athletes don't get enough time learning cuts and relays, run downs, and base running



Highschool baseball and legion usually don't have time constraints limiting the time athletes get to improve

Get Ready For The Next Level By:

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How Do You Play With Us?

Sign Up

Sign up for our seasonal ahead of time

Try Out

Come to our try out so we can place you on the correct team for your skill level


Practice, Train, Play developing on the field, and getting exposure nationally

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