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A Hitting Program That Is Built For YOU

Get personalized coaching, drills, and a program specifically made for you and no one else

Hitting Is The Hardest Thing To Do In Sports

Without a plan to attack your deficiencies hitter are often left:

Lacking Power

Low Bat Speed

Poor Results

Lack Identity


Poor Contact

Let's Change That...Get Coaching Made To Help You 

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Using The Latest Tech and Tools Customized To YOU, Including:


Hit Trax 

Using Hit Trax, we can track ball flight and ball speed indoors! This gives objective data to measure our improvement


Underload/Overload Bats

Using underload and overload bats, we can train new patterns while also increasing bat speed!


Personalized Drills

Get drills that you need for YOUR body and not someone else's! 


Hitting Plyos, and Skinny/Half Bats

All ways we can make practice different and work on bat to ball skills that hitters NEED!

Level Up as a Hitter Now!

1. Sign Up For:

Remote, seasonal (summer/winter), group training, or one-on-one. What ever you need, we can do. 

2. Come In For Assessment 

Get your swing analyzed and find what you need to improve on. Learn your cues, drills, and get a tour of the facility. 

3. Start Training and Improve

Whether you are in-house or remote, start training and see improvements in bat-to-ball skills, exit velo, and power!

At The Yard

To be the best hitter you can be, you need to hit the ball hard and live through the middle of the field. To do that, you must have "directional bat speed." The bat has to move fast and direct energy to the middle of the field.  

The problem is that most athletes do not do this. They lunge, over-rotate, or simply do not know their identity as hitters. This leads to weak ground balls, strikeouts, and fly balls. 

See, the problem begins with the training. Athletes do not have specificity tailored to their bodies and needs. Using tools like different-weighed, sized, and length bats, hitting plyos, water bags, and the Hittrax to get measurable output, we can assign drills tailored to what the athlete needs, making him a better hitter. 

Let's unlock your potential and make you a better hitter. 

Sign up for our hitting program now. You'll receive a comprehensive assessment through video analysis and ball speed and flight data. Then, we'll craft a personalized plan just for you, helping you become a better hitter. 

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