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Become A Better College Athlete 

You only get a few windows to change your career truly. Spend the next three months getting custom throwing, hitting, and lifting using a metric-driven approach to skill development. Stop Guessing and start improving.  

Colleges Rarley Develop

College is about winning now. So if you are not ready to play, or want to play at the next level, and you're ready, then nothing changes. 

Leaving You To Feel 



Wanting More


Get A Plan Made For You

Using the latest tools In skill acquisition such as Core Velocity Belts, Water Bags, and Plyo Balls. Use the Proteus to assess power outputs to measure and train key performance indicators to help increase output. 

This Combination of Skill and Performance Work Leads To:  

Throwing Harder

Better Performance

Higher Exit Velo


Ready To Get Going? Do This:

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 12.26.43 AM.png


Sign Up For Consultation

Talk to the director of pitching, hitting, and performance to help answer any question you may have, and get an initial assessment of how we can help you. 


Sign Up For Training

Sign up to train at the Yard. Pitching and hitting goes from 2-3 pm and performance goes from 3-4 pm. The optional mental skills group starts at 1:30.


Get Better

Get your hitting/pitching program, and lifting program and start getting better!

Colleges Rarely Develop and You Don't Get This Time Back. So Don't Waste It!

You get four, maybe five years of college baseball. Most of us are not the genetic 1% and need our training to compensate for this. The problem in the chaos of life and college is that we need to get three-month windows to train often, and athletes rarely take advantage of them. So, the athlete never develops into the player he wants to be because colleges need to grow. You are left upset, discouraged, and wanting more. You are not alone in this pain, as we have all experienced this at The Yard. This is why we build custom programs with known metrics and the best skill acquisition tools to give you the best chance to develop. 

First, sign up for a consultation to talk to the hitting/pitching director and our performance director to see how we can help you. Then, register for training and get your comprehensive pitching/hitting mechanical analysis and performance assessment to measure force and power production. Then start training, re-assessing every six weeks to ensure improvement. 


Get the development you have been looking for.

Sign Up Now! Stop Guessing, and Start Getting Better!

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