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Move Better and Improve as a Pitcher

Create better movement patterns through personalized drills and tools to throw harder, healthier, with better command. 

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Most Pitchers are Poor Movers

This creates energy leaks that leads to:



Higher Risk of 


We Teach You Better Patterns Leading To Higher Velocity. We Do This Through:

  • Mechanical Assessment to Find Biggest Energy Leaks

  • Using Tools Such as Water Bags, Bands, and Connection Balls

  • Teach Skills You Need Including Hinging and Rotating

  • Objective Data to Measure Command, Velocity and Mechanical Efficiency

  • Plyo and Weighted Baseball To Learn New Patterns

How Do You Start? It Is Simple!

1. Sign Up For Either:

You can sign up for remote training, our seasonal summer/winter training, or one-on-one lessons. Choose the program that works best for you!

2. Get Your Complete Assessment:

After you have signed up, come in and get assessed through our comprehensive mechanical checklist, and learn about the drills you will perform. 

3. Get Your Program, and Run It

Whether it is remote or in-house, get your plan! We will tailor your plan to what tools and space you have access to, along with video explanations of drills!

Pitching At The Highest Level Requires Everything:

Become a Complete Pitcher...

The ability to both throw hard and throw strikes. To do this, we need to be able to transfer as much energy as possible into the ball using our ENTIRE body from the ground up. We need skills such as pelvis rotation, hinging, torso rotation, and body control.

However, when athletes are young, they often do not learn these skills. So, unless you are a genetic 1%, pitchers they usually do not get developed.

Rest assured, we are well-versed in identifying the most common mechanical issues that hinder command and velocity. These skills are highly trainable, and we employ a variety of tools such as water bags, weighted balls, bands, and data analysis to enhance your throwing ability. Join us and unlock your full potential as a thrower!

So let's get you throwing harder, healthier, and with better command. 

Register now for one of our pitching groups. Then, get assessed to find your biggest red flags so we can start attacking them. Get your program and level up as a mover, making you throw more strikes and throw harder!

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