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The Sandlot League

Get Your Youth Athlete The Thousands Of Reps They Need


Youth Athletes Don't Play Enough

Weather, time, and throwing constraints prevent athletes from getting enough quality playing time. This means they do not develop at the same rate and usually get left behind. 

Here Comes The Sandlot League

Goals of this program are to develop baseball skills and knowledge through skill development sessions followed by competitive coach/machine pitch games. Program will consist of a 1 hr practice session infield/outfield/catching practice, cuts & relays, baserunning, etc to build know-how and confidence, followed by a 1.5 hr coach pitch or machine pitch game.

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Athletes Improve AND Have Fun

In this format we can teach the athletes the fundamentals of successful baseball teams while getting live reps and at bats while limiting arm fatigue so they can be ready to play in the evenings and on the weekends with their respective teams. Players will take play catch, take batting practice, field ground balls, catch pop flies, run bases, and more everyday.

Youth Athletes Need Game Reps

Getting the skills that scale into high school and college is essential. Spend the time learning the things that most youth athletes lack: cuts, relays, pitching, catching, and base-running. 

Then, right after they learn that, train it and practice in a controlled game setting where coaches can still be hands-on. 

This gives you confidence that your athlete will improve, have fun, and receive hands-on coaching no matter what. 

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