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Stop Guessing...Use Metric Driven Training, and Get Better

Countless athletes waste time in the weight room without knowing it. Use our state-of-the-art Proteus and key metrics to measure success. 

No More Wasting Time and Money

Injury Risk

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Burnout

Feeling Lost

Poor Results

On The Field

Training Platues

Low Enjoyment

Athletes waste hours in the weight room training the wrong qualities and don't measure key indicators. Leading to:

Train the Qualities You Need

Leverage Metric Driven Training Which Allows Us To:



Our comprehensive assessment allows us to measure force, power, and speed—a $ 100 value is included in all training. 


Increase Bat Speed and Velocity

Knowing metrics that correlate to velocity we can train those to throw harder and swing faster. 


Manage Workload

Metrics allow us to measure fatigue, making sure you never over-train. 


Create a Competitive Environment

When numbers are shown, athletes push harder leading to higher outputs and better performance


Train Demand Specific

Baseball is a speed-based sport. Using metrics we can make sure those qualities are actually improving


Have Fun

Sense athletes always see if they are improving, they enjoy the training more. 

Start  Training Now!

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Our Lifting Should Be Better

We must ensure that our time is well spent, moving the needle forward. The problem is that athletes need to know if they are improving and are guessing, either lifting too much, spending time on strength, or not improving speed and power, which leads to a lack of improvement on the field. Leaving the athlete confused, angry, and unsure what to do, the parent was disappointed and frustrated at wasting money. All trainers at The Yard deeply know this pain; we all have wasted time doing MORE and getting worse. This is why we use Proteus and metric-driven training to ensure we are training the qualities we need and measuring our success. Helping maximize the transfer of work in the weight room to the field


Sign up for in-house or remote training, choosing what program is best for you. Then, come in and get your comprehensive assessment of the Proteus, which measures your lower body, upper body, and rotational power. After that, you get YOUR program and start improving!


So, sign up now for in-house or remote now. Get assessed with us and find your lowest-hanging fruit. So you can wasting your time and money instead start seeing your work in the weight room translate onto the field!

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